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What If You Could Get New Construction HVAC System Design & HVAC Installation Done Right the First Time?
Sometimes, it almost seems standard that you will have a redo or two for new construction HVAC system design and HVAC installation. But it doesn't have to be that way.

At Smart Comfort, Inc., we have the expertise and 40+ years of experience that enable us to meet your specifications and exceed your expectations. We've been working closely with homeowners, business owners, builders, and contractors for as long as we can remember. We've seen it all, and know exactly what it takes to set a new construction project up for success.

The truth is, poor design or installation can lead to a plethora of problems down the road. Avoid the hassle and save time and money with expert design and installation that doesn't require a do-over.

New Construction HVAC Little Rock, AR

What to Expect from Smart Comfort New Construction HVAC System Design & HVAC Installation

Homeowners often don’t have a lot of input into system design and installation, which leads to the cheapest HVAC system going into the home. The problem is this is costlier in the long run. The least expensive option tends to be ill-fitting for the home design. At Smart Comfort, our team will help you to find the perfect system to meet your home structure needs. Let us size it correctly upfront and lower your costs for the life of the system.

Did you know ductwork is a critical component of a well-working HVAC system? In many new construction projects, it is built incorrectly, which again leads to less efficiency and more cost overtime. We will carefully assess your building and system to create a ductwork solution that keeps the air flowing like it should.

While it’s typical for builders to offer only a one-year warranty on the system, this isn’t enough. However, most new homeowners don’t understand the implications. Our team of HVAC system design experts can serve as advocates on your construction project to ensure you have the design and warranties you need.

We think of the things your builders may not make a priority, such as:

  • Optimal energy efficiency
  • Right-sized HVAC system
  • Mold/allergy prevention—an important consideration for Arkansas’s high humidity climate
  • Vapor barriers
  • Fireplace installation: gas, electric, and wall mounted
  • Your energy bills for years to come
  • Estimates only after we have conducted a site visit
  • Aesthetics, such as how the thermostat looks inside the home
  • Functionality, including Smart homes and Smart thermostats

Set Your New Construction Up for HVAC Success with Smart Comfort

Smart Comfort guarantees all HVAC design and installation workmanship, and we honor the manufacturer's warranty on parts. All new equipment comes standard with a 10 year parts/ 10 year labor warranty (Lifetime compressor and heat exchanger on 16 SEER and up Amana equipment). Plus, we work with many manufacturers to offer a variety for customers and can warranty any brand.

Take advantage of our zone systems and wireless (WI-FI) communicating capabilities to increase convenience and maximize energy efficiency. Whatever services you choose, know that our team will do it right the first time, are there when you need us, and go the extra mile to make sure your home is safe and comfortable while helping you to save money along the way. We are proud to service new construction projects in Little Rock, East End, Landmark, Bryant, Shannon Hills, Alexander, and surrounding communities.

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